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    Conspiracy on the Housatonic

Sample Pages

Sample of chapter 3

Cover and Selected Illustrations Melissa A Benson 2014

Every chapter begins with a facing page graphic repre-senting the text. Real places, such as the Stratford Library, are intermixed with fictional places, like Wexler's, and imaginary people.

Illustrations by Stratford native Melissa A. Benson enhance the book. The cover also contains her artwork.

Sample of chapter 1

The scene is set for 1942 with stores and products of the time.

Nearly 1,500 SAT words are bolded in the text. A glossary is included in the back for quick reference.

Sample of chapter 2

Learn about the history of the early 1940s and prior decades.

Read about World War II and the war effort at home, augmented by interesting period posters, maps, photos, and postcards.