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    Conspiracy on the Housatonic

What Others Are Saying

    "I am absolutely amazed by the way you presented this material.   It's wonderful!!   I just had to tell you how wonderfully this book brings the concept of learning to all of us.   Love the bold words and list in the back.   Congratulations!   I'm looking forward to the next in the series."

            - Fran Hendrickson, Connecticut

    In the News

      Nordstjernan October 30, 2014 (PDF)
        Swedish-American newspaper

      The Stratford Star July 21, 2014

      The Guilford Patch June 2, 2014

    "That's a great book!   I just finished reading it a few minutes ago and it was an edge-of-the-seat thriller."

            - Linda Gustavson, Retired Library Assistant, Fairfield University, Connecticut

    "My grandson, aged 18, did well on his ACTs and SATs, and loved 'Conspiracy on the Housatonic.'   He put it to good use.
    I read it myself first and finished it one night at 2 in the morning.   Couldn't put it down!"

            - Donna Fortney, Illinois

    "Iím a Stratford native and the book was so riveting I couldnít put it down.   Most things were real to Stratford and it represents a wonderful time when Stratford gave so much to the war effort.   I havenít enjoyed a book so much in a long time."

            - Carol DeVitto, Connecticut

    "Nice job!   I admire the detail.   It must have been a monumental task researching names and locations.   I would definitely recommend the book to anyone of any age.   Fun reading and challenging to the vocabulary."

            - Don Ahlm, Illinois

    "Fascinating concept, blending a WWII historical mystery with SAT preparation words quite smoothly, in the context of the story's development.   Word enrichment benefits all age readers harmoniously while journeying into the plot's precarious developments.
    A 17-year-old heroine's budding detective work, aided by her best friend's intrigued support, develops their romantic interest.   Packed with history and war politics, aided by cultural photos from the era, evokes a reader's vicarious enjoyed venture.
    Suspenseful discoveries of foreign spies envelopes the heroine and her boyfriend deeply into an international wartime espionage plot, as it does the reader.
    Entertaining, educational, enriching, an enjoyable read.†  The story is followed by SAT vocabulary defined as well as a few social, cultural, historical references and Bibliography."

            - Carol Skog, Connecticut

    "I am enjoying the book so much; the references to WW2, comments about the Swedes, vocabulary building, the mystery and more.   Having grown up in Hamden, CT, and having 100% Swedish ancestry, the book has added meaning for me and brings back many memories."

            - Marilyn Hultgren, Minnesota