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"With a little wistfulness evident in each page, Kendall Svengalis has compiled an illustrated ode to his home town in 'Gary, Indiana: A Centennial Celebration.' Everyone with an interest or a background in Gary will enjoy this book."

- Jean Starr, Northwest Indiana Times.

"I am compelled to tell you that no one need write another, for you have surely produced the definitive work on Gary. The text is superb and the photographs magnificent."

- Fran Kent, Emerson class of '43.

"My best to you. Gary should be proud of you."

- Karl Malden, Emerson High School alumnus.

"The book is truly a legacy! Time doesn't permit me right now to do justice to how much I treasure it. Suffice it to say, I pored over the Largest Steel Mill chapter, Holy Angels Cathedral, Horace Mann, Aetna, the story about baseball player Nick Strincevich, Karl Malden -- oh gosh, the maps, the postcards, the descriptions, the writing. I'm blown away!"

- Danny Rusak, Horace Mann class of '66.

"I have heard from several who are in possession of your book and I have heard nothing but raves about it. You deserve to be very proud of your efforts because through this book you have brought back wonderful memories of their youth to so many people."

- Mike Prokop, editor of “Gold to Grey” Emerson alumni newsletter.

Ken was featured in the local newspapers. Click on the links below to view the articles:

Post-Tribune - May 21, 2006

Post-Tribune - June 4, 2006

NW Times - August 6, 2006 (requires Adobe Acrobat reader)

Post-Tribune - November 26, 2006

Chicago Tribune - January 23, 2008 (requires Adobe Acrobat reader)

"I'm very impressed with the book! It arrived in excellent condition and we're enjoying reading your well-written, detailed account of Gary's history."

- John Hancock, Emerson High School English and Journalism teacher.

"I can't find the right words to describe how Irene and I feel. You went over and beyond in my estimation. The love that comes through on every page is so evident. To relate to every page in every way is so wonderful. I walk around hugging this book!"

- Helen Fesko Olejnik, Froebel class of '34.

"So much I never knew!"

- Scott Siler, Wirt High School.

"We enjoyed the book so much we decided to buy more for gifts."

- Dave Springmann, Wirt High School.