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Vocabulary-Building Novels
The Great Emerson Art Heist

The Great Emerson Art Heist

A new vocabulary-building mystery



    On board the 20th Century Limited from New York to Chicago in August 1942, Swedish-American detective, Ellen Anderson, is swept up in a rapidly unfolding tale of art thievery and World War II espionage, with profound implications for national security.
    This thrilling, illustrated SAT vocabulary-building novel captures, in meticulous historical detail, the essence of Gary, Indiana during the war years, when it was a center of Allied war production. While written for anyone who enjoys historical fiction, it also provides students with an effective means of growing vocabulary and cultural literacy naturally, particularly those preparing for the SAT exam.   Learn more...

Cover and selected illustrations Claudia Wolf 2016

Conspiracy on the Housatonic

Conspiracy on the Housatonic

An engrossing vocabulary-building mystery



    This intriguing vocabulary-building mystery novel is ideal for students studying for S.A.T.s, or for anyone wishing to improve his or her word power. The book contains nearly 1,500 SAT words with a glossary for quick reference.
    Set in 1942 Stratford, Connecticut, this novel will also appeal to mystery buffs as well as those interested in World War II history.   Learn more...

Cover and selected illustrations Melissa A Benson 2014

Pictorial History
Gary, Indiana: A Centennial Celebration

Gary, Indiana: A Centennial Celebration

"...the definitive work on Gary."

Sale: $34.95
Reg $49.95


    Sure to become a treasured keepsake for anyone who grew up in Gary or with an interest in the history of urban America. Take a nostalgic journey back through Gary's golden years with this full-color, hard-bound centennial history book, which tells Gary's compelling story in rare postcards, photographs, maps and illuminating text.   Learn more...

Connecticut Poster

Connecticut Poster - New!

Striking poster highlighting the history and natural beauty of Connecticut.



    Connecticut is filled with interesting architecture, history dating back to the colonial times, as well as beautiful scenery. Photographs by Ellen Svengalis capture the essence of her home state. Fits in a standard 16" x 20" frame.   Learn more...

Stratford 375th Poster

Stratford 375th Poster

Settled in 1639, Stratford, Connecticut celebrated
its 375th anniversary in 2014.

Sale: $5.99
Reg $7.99


    To commemorate the 375th anniversary of Stratford, Connecticut, we have created a commemorative poster containing photographs by Ellen Svengalis of the most recognizable and cherished places in her home town. Fits in a standard 16" x 20" frame.   Learn more...